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The fast development of the multinational corporations working online in the tourist sector demonstrates the increasing need to travel living the local reality, rather than addressing the traditional tourist services. A new cultural change is underway: it will transform the tourist industry into a dusty and obsolete machine, promoting the collaborative and educational travel experiences based on a co-creation and sharing approach. The new trend is focused on the marketing tailor made, which uses internet to deal with the relationships with the customers. The opportunity to personalize the travel as required is being offered, starting with the online check-in and concluding with the choice of products in the mini-bars, the kind of pillow or room’s temperature. Aware of this innovation and having the Destination Marketing in our DNA, we developed a result-oriented approach and manner of working. After planning aims and strategies with the customer, we work with efficient operative techniques, using our instruments to estimate the results and check every action to define the eventual, necessary improvements.

Consultrade offers:

Destination Marketing

Marketing Intelligence

Lobby with authority and institutions

Opening and management of the distribution ways

Communication B2B, trade training, CRM

Communication to the consumer and events planning

Advertising campaigns

Web and social media marketing

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09 Aug, 15

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