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Aug 12, 2015



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UNITED STATES The United States is an indisputed superpower which is in the center of the international diplomacy. USA is the the most powerful economy in the world, with an awesome rhythm of business and innovation dynamism, as well as big investments in the research and development. Nevertheless some threats undermine its reserve, US Dollar remains the main international currency. Investors from all over the world are ready to finance the United States. For this reason, USA is the biggest world economy able to accomplish large fiscal and current account deficits. We give the interactive and prevision dates, along with a detailed analysis of the risks, valued by our proved research groups. Our aim is to play in the front row, to confidently work in the United States (mainly in Florida). The US economy is destined to increase in a faster rhythm in 2016, pushed by the lower oil prices and an upswing labor market, but the increasing external turbulences will make the growth moderate. A real GDP growth of 2.5%, slightly higher than the previous 2.4% in 2015, is being expected in 2016.

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