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For a sustainable development in business:

Energy saving and use of renewable energies are the recurring themes for a sustainable development of both the national economy and the companies. To allow the enterprises to cling to every available opportunity from the field of Energy Saving and the most developed technologies for the use of renewable sources. Eurocons offers an integrated counseling and plant turnkey solutions.

With “Energy” an aware choice on the energy saving:

Energy Area offers an integrated package of technical and financial counseling service aimed at giving enterprises the best solutions in the field of energy saving and application of the renewable sources.

Counseling activity offers services such as: check up to analyze the cash flows from the investment. The “Due Diligence” to analyze the technical and working sustainability of the initiative. Debt and Risk Capital analysis on behalf of people interesting in the implementation of renewable sources plants.


Counseling activity consists of two levels:

  • Preliminary Check up of the results of the first operative analysis to give the entrepreneur a technical essay on the cash flows of the investment. Report, project and graphic simulations of a broadly reshape of the plant.
  • Personalized proposal. On the base of the results of the preliminary analysis, the entrepreneur is given a personalized offer, integrating technical and financial elements: guarantee fund (financing, leasing, warranties); benefits (community, national, regional); certifications (ISO 14000, EMAS, energy certification of the buildings ex Dlgs 311/96); business plan; target training; financial, technical and insurance “Due Diligence”. Energy Audit.

The companies that choose Energy Area have a unique interlocutor for every need connected to the investments in the energy sector. They also have the guarantee of an equitable valuation on the real profitability and the technological sustainability of the investment. Additionally, they can rely on the transversality of the skills and a financing project approach.

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09 Aug, 15

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