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Our mission is that of becoming the reference partner able to create value for the enterprises, improving their performances, through the innovation of the processes based on the relationship with the customer, trained by the e-business technologies and by the new communication media.

The key tools for reaching this mission are:

  • an accomplished and integrated consultancy portfolio, with solutions and application services;
  • an excellence enterprises integrated network;
  • a well distributed network of professional partners.



Our values and the ones we seek in our in  our consultants are:

reservation, discretion, earnestness, professionalism, competence, experience, independence, hearing capability, devotion, flexibility, dynamism and high-level relation between benefits and costs.

This allows us to offer an excellent service and a positive business impact of the undertaken actions to the customer-firms.

Reservation, discretion and earnestness

Reservation in the approach modality to the customer as a premise of discretion in the management of a job project.

Professionalism, competence and experience

The continual up-dating and professional development of the consultants of CONSULTRADE as a condition of stability and durability of the relation with the customer.

Independence, hearing capability and devotion

The training of an own and independent belief as a warranty of devotion to the customer.

Flexibility, dynamism and high-level relation benefits and costs

The flexibility of the consultants of CONSULTRADE towards the factors of time and space, as an interpretation of a consultancy activity developed with dynamism.

Our Skills