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Our culture is based on the trust and on the mutual/reciprocal support aimed to the reaching of business objectives.

Due to the certainty that the success of an organization is based on the care and on the continuous improving of the level of satisfaction of the customers, Consultrade has invested in a significant way on the development of a business culture oriented to “participating management”, that is today a peculiar outline of the way of living into a firm: this is the main principle on which motivation and membership feeling are based on.

Under the organizational point of view, the choice is oriented to a set able to guarantee the better valorizing of the competences of the persons: technological, functional and process competences.

The general management of the business is relied to Antonio Ruggieri, supported by a group of  managers.



The firm sinks its roots in the certainty that communication, marketing and sales are the strategic sticks for the business success, if the are managed by professionals  having a “new DNA”, able to propose themselves in an innovative and timely way, in order to guarantee the efficacy and efficiency of the undertaken actions.

This idea implies a challenge, that is to say that of proposing ourselves to the customer in a “different” way: in a less standardized more concrete and measurable way, in a way that is closer to the concept of partner than of the consultant.