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Aug 12, 2015



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China is a very important destination of the investments by our customers. The most populous country in the world, China is the greatest importer and exporter of goods. The country is the greatest beneficiary of foreign investments destined to Asia-Pacific Region, but also Chinese holdings are investing big capitals abroad. As reported in the growth target of the real GDP less than 7.0% in 2015, Beijing is trying to monitor the slowdown of the economic process. We believe that the downward pressures on the growth are increasing only for the current revision of the real estate prices. In a framework of high corporate debt, we glimpse a real growth of the GDP below the target of 6.7%. Xi Jinping strengthened his power and firmly controls the Communist Party. This means that the decision process will remain strongly centralized and, therefore, unvaried in a medium term. While the disagreements on how to manage the economic process persist, we believe that a greater attention will linger only on the monetary incitement, because the economic growth is slowing down. Our aim is for you, as our customers, to feel comfortable to do business in China.

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