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Aug 12, 2015



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United Kingdom

With a flexible exchange rate, the admission into the Common European Market, and a more and more competitive tax rate on the companies, the United Kingdom attracts a lot of customers. The country has one of the most ancient and rooted parliamentary democracies in the world, with high level institutions and the protection of the property rights, historical incentives for the foreign investors. Along with our local partners we guarantee the best support to do business in the United Kingdom, with our risks’ valuation overall model. Our previsions: The British economy overcame most of the developed countries in 2015, and will continue to surpass the EUROZONE in 2016 and 2017. In the context of the structural economic reforms pllaned by the Government, along with the flexible monetary and exchange policy, we think that the long time economic perspectives for the United Kingdom in the EUROZONE are very good.

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