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Aug 14, 2015



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Our evaluation of Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on the overall range of dates deduced from the trend of the global markets and their repercussion on the local market (mainly industries) of this country. Ethnical divisions and complicated governance structures still make the political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina largely dysfunctional. The implementation of some reforms promised before the latest elections is necessary to relaunch many essential fields. We expect positive signals in the next years. The economy resisted to the catastrophic floods which hit the country in the summer of 2014. Actually, the expected slowdown of the economic growth and public finance was not disastrous and the country showed a strong ability to recover. The balance policy will be so far led by a Stand-By Agreement between the Government and the International Monetary Fund (we expect it can be extended beyond 2015), in addition to political struggles.

Paesi Obiettivo

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