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The OCM Wine and Foreign Countries Announcement 2015-2016 is a great opportunity for the Italian and European wine businesses, because it offers the possibility to obtain a non repayable contribute equal to the 50% for the process of internationalization and selling on the rising foreign markets, as well as the communication and promotional activities.

These are the spending typologies and the admissible contribution investments:


  • Promotion and advertising to highlight the advantages of the quality products, food security and environmental consideration, to implement by the main communication media (Press and TV)
  • Trade missions abroad
  • International events and exhibitions Attendance
  • Information and promotion campaigns in the selling points, wholesale, foreign countries restaurants
  • Other communication instruments (websites, brochures, guided tastings, meeting with workers and/or journalists from the involved countries).


Consultrade has completed 10 projects which were planned, implemented and reported with success by the Italian wine businesses in the following Target Countries:

  • ASIA: Japan and China
  • MIDDLE EAST: Israel and Bahrain
  • AMERICA: USA, Mexico and Brazil

Vuoi aumentare il successo e le vendite? Dai slancio alla tua impresa! Contattaci Ora!

09 Aug, 15

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