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Technological innovation is the key to be competitive. Consultrade can help you find the right instruments, designing and implementing new products or services, but also different organizational arrangements or new manners to approach the market.

Innovative services not yet available on the market, able to weigh on the efficiency, structure and business organization, are being proposed to the enterprises.

Consultrade wants to offer to the small and medium-sized enterprises of Europe a valid point of reference to gain support services for the development of the innovation projects.

Any territorial enterprise may refer to Consultrade to:

  • Look for technological partners (to sell or buy technology or know-how) or trade partners.
  • Obtain detailed informations about policies, plans and credit lines offered by the European Union (to know them and how to apply for).
  • Enjoy a spread service about the informations concerning the announcements of the 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development of the EU, as well as the support of the search for foreign partners and the preparation of proposals of research projects aimed at industrial and technological innovation enterprises.

The task of Consultrade involves the sectors of Research and Innovation aimed at the local productive world. From the industrial research to the support of spin-off, from the trade management of the patents to the role of connector among firms, research centers and national/international databases.


Support to the Industrial Research

Research for the enterprise and enterprise from the Research. These are the two guidelines that involve both entrepreneurs and researchers, led by a team of Innova Marketing to innovate the manner of producing to convert the academic training into work activity.


Technological transfer

Innova Marketing is the catalyst between national/international research centers and companies, to convert the scientific skills into innovative products and services.


Focus on the critical areas

To focus on the critical areas, a deep analysis of the reality by the trade “check up” and “audit” is being done. This process allows to photograph the temporary situation and analyze the points of strength and weakness (SWOT ANALYSIS) of the company.




Protect the innovation

The awareness of its own immaterial wealth is fundamental for a firm: from the inventions to the technical improvements, from the brands to the patents and the company’s particularities (design, software).


QFD – Quality Function Deployment

Last generation approach focused on the quality management. Implemented to give the small and medium-sized companies an innovative working methodology to insure effectiveness and efficiency in the products’ development.


Hub of innovation

A laboratory to innovate products and services, learning techniques based on creativity.


Innovation in the agro-industry

Research, development and transfer of process technologies and diagnostic methodologies to innovate the food quality and security.


Sustainable Management of the agro-ecosystems

Research, development and transfer of technologies, innovative processes and integrated instruments to analyze, protect and appreciate the sustainable management of the agro-ecosystems. Analysis of the impacts of the productive and energy systems about the agro-ecosystems and biodiversity, systems of adaptation to the environmental and climate changes for the different agribusiness production chains.



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09 Aug, 15

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