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The international development of the Italian small and medium-sized enterprises needs a specific approach with appropriate instruments. To have a good item or a good idea is not sufficient to successfully compete in the international markets. The increasing completion and circulation speed of the informations are a permanent threat for the competitiveness the Italian companies have developed in the last decades. It is necessary to reschedule the entry strategies and the overseeing policies, enriching our productions with added value, which is often in an immaterial dimension. The brands and patents’ protection, the goods’ delivery, the payment delays and the use of new instruments to control the prices, the possibility to create market synergies or enjoy the advantages from the customs and fiscal regulations become fundamental components to be competitive beyond the national borders. Consultrade, with its consolidated net of mother tongue experts, import-export traders, engineers, technicians, market analysis and research specialists, marketers and customer assistants, ensure a full support to the customer to get the best trade result.

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08 Aug, 15

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