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Antonio Ruggieri

Founder and Administrator of Consultrade

Antonio Ruggieri was born in Bisceglie in 1964. He is founder and Administrator of Consultrade. He grew up in Apulia. He obtained a diploma of Piano at the Conservatory and a MBA at the SDA BOCCONI in Cultural Marketing. In 1988 he founded a theatrical Co-operative Society as Administrator and Pianist, planning and carrying out cultural events in Italy. From 1992 to 2002 he obtained a great experience in the Management Consulting in Marketing with regard to the highest levels in the field of the supermarkets, working as director first in SISA, then in CONAD, in Italy and abroad. In 2002 he founded, together with his partners, Consultrade, working as Administrator and Chief Executive Officer.


Strongly convinced that internationalization and innovation are the engines for the development of the territory, he has been promoting the “Made in Italy” abroad. Among his main activities we remember the projects for client companies as SISA and Conad per il Retail. Tamma srl, Vigne e Vini srl, Cantine del Notaio for food. I Nobili srl for the market of windows. As planner and implementer, he obtained the award of 10 Communitarian Progejcts for Contracts of Net or Temporary Associations of Companies, co-financed by the Italian Government or directly by the European Union (OCM VINO-GEIE).

Founder of the Association Italkuwait Group, he created a cultural and relational bridge between Italy and Kuwait. He lives in Bisceglie but also in several capitals (London, Tokyo, Kuwait) of the network of Consultrade. In his free time, he collaborates with several cultural centers of the target countries.