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is a consultancy society born in 2002 thanks to the initiative of enterprise executives/managers and professionals having the purpose of furnishing marketing and strategic planning services, especially in the trading field to small and medium-size enterprises operating both in the national and international market.

A new reality that, under charge of its own partners, accompanies the local enterprises in their growing-up beyond their borders and, at the same time, allows the foreign enterprises to come to Puglia.

A new reference point for affirming Puglia as quality business destination in the world and for drawing tourism from abroad.



It summarizes the purpose of personalizing the relationship with the customer and the capability of seeking for and developing innovative solutions.

It is a declaration of availability to leave default models/patterns for searching for suitable answers.

It is necessary to create suitable solutions because we work on them together with the customer and not giving a simple transfer of knowledge/competence outside. The solutions are developed with concreteness, following a process of continuous elaboration coming from the results of the undertaken actions.


It indicates the focusing on the relations having the exchange as important own purpose: among enterprises, between and enterprise and another one and between enterprises and consumers.

It is a declaration of specialization on a set of problem lists of crucial importance.

Any way to get to the customer we choose, we can do it directly or through the old and new co-operators.

Any position the enterprise in the value system covers: producer, distributor or supplier/provider of intermediate services.

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