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Carlo Dapra’

Carlo Dapra’

Carlo Dapra’ is from Trentino-Alto Adige and is an Architecture graduate from the University Institute of Architecture in Venice. Since 1989 he has worked as freelance with public and private commission as designer. During the years his activity has expanded, including the technical advice for the development of several real estate initiatives in the residential and touristic sector, with operations of shareholding in some of them.


Additionally, the study, the planning and the design of photovoltaic parks from 200 KW to 5 KW have been made, mainly in Southern Italy. Since 2009 he has created a Business Development Network, including activities like technical-commercial advice and Business Opportunity Scouting, involving the markets of the Russian Federation, Romania, Croazia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo.

Since the same year he has participated in the constitution of a society committed to designing and building Wellness Centers, Thermal Parks and Spa in Italy and abroad, holding the office of Chairman and sales & marketing manager.