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Aldo Cichero

Aldo Cichero

Aldo Cichero was born in Piedmont, but later moved to Liguria where he studied in Genoa. He took his degree in Naval Architecture in Paris.From 1960 to 1969 he worked for the Cantieri Baglietto di Varazze (Genoa)where, after acquiring experience in yacht décor, he started designing the successful series of the motor yachts: Elba, Ischia, Capri, Minorca, Maiorca, and then yachts of 16.50 m., 18.00 m. and 20.00 m.

For a period of 10 years, he designed, for the Cantieri di Santa Margherita Ligure, the whole series of the wooden yachts Alalunga from 16.80 m. to 32.00 m., imposing a balanced style, which, because of its new lines and refinement, has been used by others.During the seventies he designed, for the Cantieri Navicelli (Pisa), lines and interiors for the yacht series Drake, (23 m. and 25 m., and for the Cantieri di Lavagna the motor yacht Admiral 35 m.

In 1978 he surprised the market with his interior design of the Magnum 53 (Miami USA), made completely of briar-root, thus rediscovering a material of the ‘decò style.In the same year, for BMW, he designed the famous Gozzo Ligure , a boat of 5.20 m. of which hundreds were later built.

During the same period, he proposed a new technology in the use of fiberglass and composite, which was used by the Cantieri Punto Rosso – Crestitalia, for the biggest hull at that time.


In 1980, he patented Triplast, a structural system of very high resistance and uniformity, for hulls and superstructures. Lamborghini adopted it for its vessels with a speed of 100 knots.
During the same period he also studied and patented a new high efficiency track, in light alloy, for tractors.

At the end of the eighties, he successfully designed, for the CRN Cantieri di Ancona, two yachts of 45 m .and 41 m., (Abdul Aziz and Nourah of Ryad) and for Baglietto , the M.Y. Maffy Blue, which was a revolution in the use of spaces and for the use of the flying bridge, besides the folding transom, as a swimming platform.

During the following 10 years, for the Baglietto Yard, he designed important motor yachts, among which: Elsewhere, Alba, and Blue Ice, the first wide body of the yard.

In 2008, he and other technical parties in the energy field, founded the Group FCF (Ferrari Partners, Studio Cichero S.r.l, PSGR. S.r.l.) to design a power barge for the production of electric energy from renewable sources, with an output of 50 Mw to 200 Mw, at a very low environmental impact, Cichero also designed new lines in this field and a system, which controls the hull draft by ballast water, in order to decrease the visual impact on the skyline.

In 2011 the FCF patented the industrial invention of the power barge for energy production.

The project has been acquired, for Italy, by Europam S.r.l., a leader in the oil and energy business, and the procedure has already begun for the building and positioning of the power bargeTritone” in the harbour of Genoa.